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Product Labels MSDS
Acephate 90 SP®
Acephate 97UP®
Aquathol® K
Aquathol® Super K Granular
Assail® 30 SG Insecticide
Assail® 70WP Insecticide
Bifenture™ 10DF
Bifenture® EC
Bifenture® LFC
Broadloom™ Herbicide
Cascade® Aquatic Herbicide
Collide™ Herbicide
Cuprofix® Ultra 40 Disperss®
Devrinol® 2-XT
Devrinol® 50-DF
Devrinol® 50-DF Ornamental
Devrinol® DF-XT
Devrinol® DF-XT Ornamental
Ethotron™ SC
Ethotron™ SC
Fungo® Flo
Hydrothol® 191
Hydrothol® Granular
ImiBloc™ 70 DF Termiticide/Insecticide
ImiGold™ 0.5 G
ImiGold™ 2 F
ImiGold™ 70 DF
Interline™ Herbicide
Kryocide® Insecticide
Lambda-Cy™ EC Insecticide-RUP
Manzate® Flowable
Manzate® Flowable T&O Fungicide
Manzate® Max
Manzate® Max T&O
Manzate® Pro-Stick™
Manzate® Pro-Stick™ T&O
Meraz® Miticide
Meteor™ Fungicide
Microthiol® Disperss®
Penncozeb® 75DF
Penncozeb® 80WP
Perm-UP® 25DF
Perm-UP® 3.2 EC
Phoenix Cardinal™
Phoenix Dovetail®
Phoenix Firebird® Pro
Phoenix GoldWing®
Phoenix Hammerkop™ HydroCap
Phoenix Harrier® 4L
Phoenix Hawk-I® 2L
Phoenix Hawk-I® 75WSP
Phoenix Jetphiter™
Phoenix Kestrel®
Phoenix Kestrel® MEX
Phoenix Knighthawk®
Phoenix Merlin™
Phoenix Pegasus™ 6L
Phoenix Pegasus™ DFX
Phoenix Pegasus™ HPX
Phoenix Peregrine®
Phoenix Raven®
Phoenix Rook® 4L
Phoenix Siskin®
Phoenix Skylark™
Phoenix Starfighter® 2G
Phoenix Starfighter® L
Phoenix T-Bird® 4.5L
Phoenix T-Bird® 85 WDG
Phoenix Thrasher®
Phoenix Vireo® MEC
Phoenix WingMan®
Phoenix WingMan® 4L
QuickPHlo-R® Granules
Satellite® HydroCap herbicide
Storm® Herbicide
Super Tin® 4L
Super Tin® 80WP
Surflan® A.S. Agricultural
Surflan® AS Specialty
Surflan® XL 2G
Symmetry® NXG
Tazz™ Fungicide
Tebuzol™ 3.6F
Tebuzol™ 45 DF
Tengard® SFR
Teton® Aquatic Algicide and Herbicide
ThinRite™ Blossom Thinner
Topsin® 4.5FL Fungicide
Topsin® M WSB Fungicide
Topsin® XTR2 Fungicide
TriCor® 4F
TriCor® DF
Ultra Blazer®
UP-Cyde® 2.5 EC
UP-Cyde® Pro 2.0 EC
UP-End™ HydroCap Herbicide
UP-Star® Easy Spread Granular
UP-Star® EC TT&O Termiticide/Insecticide
UP-Star® GC Granular
Up-Star® Gold
UP-Star® Gold Granular
UP-Star® Nursery Granular
Up-Star® SC Lawn and Nursery
Vendex® 50WP
Viceroy™ 70DF
Weevil-Cide® Gas Bags
Weevil-Cide® Pellets
Weevil-Cide® Tablets
Ziram® 76DF