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Bayer CropScience
AdmireĀ® Pro, EPA Reg No. 264-827

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x Specimen Label , 131212D 12/13
x 24(c) Registration , TX-140002 For basal tree applications to suppress the transmission of Huanglongbing disease
x 24(c) Registration , FL-120008 For Basal Tree Applications to Suppress the Transmission of Huanglongbing Disease
x 24(c) Registration , OR-050025 For Post-Harvest or Dormant Treatment Use on Cranberry to Control Black Vine Weevil
x 24(c) Registration , NC-100003 Suppression of Wireworm, White Grub in Sweet Potato
x 24(c) Registration , CA-060017 For Control of Leafhoppers on Furrow Irrigated Citrus Only
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 03/26/07 Provide Alternative Application Uses for Pest Management in Banana and Tropical Fruit (HI)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 03/06/08 For Use on Banana and Plantain (PR)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 11-10-08 For Use on Containerized Citrus to Control Pests (CA)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 02/16/09 Tank Mixture with Maxim for use on Potatoes (Various States)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 03/27/09 Tank Mixture w/ Maxim 4FS for use on Potatoes (WI)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 06/05/09 For Use on Citrus to Suppress Citrus Bacterial Spot and Citrus Canker (FL)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 12/09/2011 Control of Japanese Beetle and MALB Management in Grape (IA,MA,MI,NC,OH,PA,VA)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 3/27/2012 Tank Mixture with Maxim for use on Potatoes (OR, ID, WA)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 4/20/2015 Commercial Impregnation On Dry Bulk Fertilizer (MI,MN,WI)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 06-11-09 Tank Mixture w/ Previcur Flex, Transplant/Setting Water Root Zone (Various States)
x 2(ee) Recommendation , 10-27-09 Transplant/Setting Water Root Zone Application of Admire Pro Plus Previcur Flex (NY)
x Supplemental Label , Use directions for Pome, Tropical, and Stone Fruit (CA)
x SDS , 102000012448 Version 2.1 06/11/2009